Tablets and Mobile Devices in Healthcare

Datamation Systems offers the most comprehensive storage and security for devices used in thousands of hospitals, nursing houses and medical offices. As tablets, iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices are deployed, we can protect, store, charge, sync and transport them safely and in ways that match your needs.  We know healthcare.

Solutions for Effective Patient Engagement

With iPads and Android or Microsoft tablets being used for patient engagement strategies, handling the charging, maintenance and protection of devices is important.
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Tray & Cabinet for 16 iPads with LED Status Indicators 

Introducing UniDock™ — the Self-Healing Smart Dock for Clinical Communications

Multiple Configurations – 16 & 24 Capacities
UniDock-16 & UniDock-24

For hospital IT staff, maintaining thousands of critical smart phones is no easy task. UniDock is perfect for iPhones and other mobile devices in clinical communications. It is fully integrated with GroundControl’s ground-breaking mobility orchestration platform and can work with other software as well.  It can work with Lightning, USB-micro and USB-C devices.

One marquee feature of UniDock is the Self Healing feature of GroundControl. Push a “Heal Me!” button on your phone, and software errors — small or large — are corrected with the next connection to the UniDock. It is as if an invisible technician is sent to repair the phone.

Healing and charging status are quickly indicated to staff with simple LED lights: Solid Green = “Ready to Go.” Could it be any simpler?

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