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Complete Protection for Your Valuable Equipment

Theft is a sad fact of life. But it’s also the reality of modern business.

If you are like other organizations – schools, universities, hospitals, offices – you work hard for equipment resources and try to integrate them into the way you work. When equipment is lost or stolen, it hurts, not only because of the cost of replacing the equipment, but also because of the disruption and inconvenience of dealing with the loss. Fortunately, to fight theft you do not have to become a security expert. We can do it for you. With no cost or obligation, Datamation Systems’ experienced security specialists can identify the strategy, products and solutions that match your concerns, your work environment and your budget.   We are pleased to introduce which focuses on solutions to secure, charge or sync mobile devices used for healthcare and other medical/research institutions.  Most of our products are proudly made in the USA*

If you need to order replacement keys for any of our products, click here.

Notebook Carts & Cabinets

Datamation Systems offers the widest choices of secure storage and charging solutions for notebooks, including carts, cabinets and wall mounts.  Many of these are future proof, assuring your investment will last well beyond the most recent technology deployment cycle.  And they are proudly made in the USA*.

Chromebook Charging & Storage

Chromebooks used in instructional and assessment programs charging and storage for a large number of devices and makes it easy to deliver them where they are used. Our carts are the most compact and secure storage solutions you can find. We have solutions for HP, Lenovo, Dell, Samsung, Acer, Toshiba and others.

iPad/Tablet Secure Storage, Charge & Sync

Schools and other organizations have been looking at tablets and e-Readers in new and innovative ways. Datamation Systems has introduced a comprehensive series of secure, compact, efficient and affordable storage solutions for mobile devices.  And it has also developed the only comprehensive suite of quality deployment tools, including the new EtherSync remote management tool for iOS devides.

Security Gives You Peace of Mind

Our experienced secure storage specialists can help find the best solution.

Charging Keeps You Ready

The widest range of charging carts, cabinets and cases solutions.

Syncing & Device Management

Do your sync-charge hubs charge while syncing?

Industry Strategies to Secure, Sync and Charge

Datamation Systems can help you match your specific mobile deployment needs to your institutional or business model.

Solutions for Effective Patient Engagement

With iPads and Android or Microsoft tablets being used for patient engagement strategies, handling the charging, maintenance and protection of devices are important.  Learn More

Visit us at for solutions to sync, charge and secure mobile devices, notebooks and other equipment used in healthcare facilities.  We offer a wide range of applications and 3rd-party MDM platforms to manage your mobile devices that are ideal for hospitals and clinics. Click here for more information.

We have extensive experience in education, medical, retail, hospitality, public safety, sports, industry and more. We also work closely with major systems integrators and are strategic partners with Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP and others. If you don’t find the solution you need, contact us and we will find a way to help.

whitegloveIn certain areas, Datamation Systems can provide a menu of “white glove” services, including asset tagging, custom imprints and delivery of fully loaded and pre-cabled carts to each classroom or deployment location, saving staff time, packaging disposal and facility disruption. Contact us to learn how this might work for you.

Chromebook Carts and Cabinets

Solutions To Charge and Secure Chromebooks

Solutions to Secure, Sync and Charge iPads

Sync, Charge and Manage iPad Ecosystem Designed for the Way iPads Are Really Used

Physical Security
Future-Proof Professional USB Hubs
Mobile Device Management Trays
Custom Applications and OEM
Transport Cases

Notes: *Constructed with mostly US and some imported parts